Crystal Apprentices

Crystal Apprentices is my first big personal project. I use it mainly to test myself for my next projects and to learn as much as I can. It’s far from perfect but it’s bound to improve ! I hope you can enjoy it as much as I have fun drawing it even with all its flaws.

I use a flexible yonkoma format and I am still working on defining a good comics style that I like. Please, consider supporting me on patreon so I can continue to spend time working on projects like Crystal Apprentices ! Thank you !

Seven Seas

Seven Seas is a french group of artists reunited under a single pirate flag. We work on projects together and share tables at conventions but mostly it’s just friends having fun !


I’m currently available for commissions, for enquiry please feel free to send me an email me at: contact@liaelin.com


You can contact me at contact”at”liaelin.com or use the form below.